No matter where you live, a law is a key that opens the door to an exciting career of prestige and possibilities. In the past, it was common to go to law school within your country or even your state. Nowadays, however, law degrees abroad are becoming more and more common.

One reason that being a lawyer, both domestically and internationally, is an attractive option for students is the constant need for legal representation. You don’t need to obtain a law degree abroad to be privy to this demand, but an international law degree can provide you with a better appreciation of other cultures and their legal traditions. A law abroad may also give you a deeper understanding of certain law specialties, such as international law and business law.

Law school, it seems, has never really been synonymous with affordability. But, obtaining a degree in law abroad can be affordable. Not only do law degrees overseas offer fellowships, grants, and scholarships, but many of the law degree programs also offer several financial aid packages.

Additionally, law is a competitive field, and getting accepted to a law school can be difficult for some. But, when you opt to get a degree in law overseas, you broaden your opportunities, taking them from a pond to a lake. Law overseas provide you with a quality education, and a wider range of schools to chose from. They also allow you to see the world while completing your studies, an experience that can give you an advantage once school is over and the time comes to apply for jobs.

Students often wonder if they are limiting their future careers by studying law abroad, but just because you get a law overseas doesn’t mean you have to practice in the country in which you obtained the degree. Many of the international law programs are American Bar Association approved, giving you the opportunity to practice in the United States once your degree is complete. Before choosing a program, it is wise to make sure the program is accepted wherever you ultimately intend to practice.

Finally, for many employers, obtaining a law degree overseas is more impressive than obtaining one in your homeland. The reason for this perception is that pursuing a law degree abroad shows employers that you aren’t afraid of a challenge; it tells them that you are open to new ideas, new adventures, and willing to go outside your comfort zone, something you may have to do quite often as a lawyer.

Overall, studying law in an international setting makes a lot of sense for students, and is an option that more should consider.