Soar on the Function and Fashion of Aigle Boots

Who would have thought that rubber boots would become a hot fashion commodity? Before Aigle rubber boots came into the scene, this style of footwear were seen as functional but not fashionable by many in the shoe industry. Rubber boots were not made for painting the town red, but only for stomping through the forest.

And then Aigle came into the scene in 1853 with its soaring eagle for a logo and the rest, as the cliché, goes is history for the Aigle rubber boots. After 157 years in the business, the value of hand-crafted perfection is still the mantra of this footwear manufacture from the preparation of the natural rubber mix to the finishing stages when quality inspection is performed.

Consumers have the benefit of rubber boots that are functional and look fashionable, which are sought-after qualities on and off the muddy fields. Just take a look at the following stylish rubber boots to have a peek into what’s in store for you and your family.

First, the ‘Lifestyle’ category of boots looks sufficiently good enough to eat! Well, not really but the fashionable people you will encounter on the streets will eat their hearts out from the trendiness of the designer footwear. And you do not even have to kill your feet while impressing others with your impeccable sense of style because their rubber boots are as comfortable as can be.

Look at the Venise Deluxe. This is a pair of hand-crafted boots made from several layers of high-quality natural rubber with jersey cotton lining, cotton insole and non-slip sole. No synthetic rubber for these beautiful pair of shoes, indeed, which are available in a wide variety of colours like ultra-feminine hot pink and ultra-trendy military green.

Then there is Chantebelle designed for the ladies only. Again, your feet will be encased in several layers of high-quality, ultra-luxurious natural rubber complemented by a washable jersey lining, cotton foot bed and indebted tread. In short, your feet are as comfortable as can be while others drool over the lively colours of khaki, aqua, blue jay, pivoine and purple.

And if you have a thing for cute polka dots, we highly recommend the Polka boots. The multi-coloured polka dots are in nice contrast with the solid background of the maroon boots while the buckle straps are a cute accent to the whole ensemble. Beyond the fashionable form, you will still find the comfort features that make Aigle boots the best in its category.

Aigle rubber boots are not only made for the runway. You will find a wide variety of sporty boots designed to withstand the field conditions of hunting, sailing, horseback riding, among other sports where rubber boots are the best footwear.

Take a look at the Skey ISO, which is made for sailing. It has a thick neoprene lining insole, reinforced heel and layers of natural rubber, all for the sake of keeping your feet warm even in extreme ocean conditions. For hunting, you can switch to the Parcours Bottillon with its hiking concept sole, bi-density rubber sole and layers of supple natural rubber.

With the Aigle boots on your feet, you can soar like an eagle in many situations. You want to impress the fashionistas? Check. You want to impress the boys on the field? Check. Yes, they are that kind of rubber boots.

Charlotte Wilson has been sharing her experience with various fashion brands and retail stores such as online shoes retailer Sarenza UK, through writing for over 10 years. To view a range of fashionable footwear including the Aigle boots collection, visit the Sarenza website.

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